Pigeon Rolled Back? Law Firm Study Says Yes

Google pigeon update Pigeons, they are such silly birds.  Not only do they make those silly cooing sounds as they bob their heads to and fro as they eat your scraps along the ground, they also take over your Google experience in a hasty fashion.  It seems that the Pigeon algorithm has impacted both local and natural results to a point of sheer panic on the side of small local businesses.  The overall thought among the local search geeks was that Pigeon:

  • Heavily favored the massive directories — in fact there was a lot of discussion how Pigeon may have been an overreaction to Yelp’s persistent anti-competitive whining
  • Drastically reduced the frequency of local packs
  • Reopened up local results to previously diagnosed local spam tactics

With the addition of Pigeon, things seemed to create a bit of a mess when it came to the SERPS, and many were pretty vocal about the issue.  Even David Mihm had a post on the mess that is Pigeon, entitled Picking Through Google’s Pigeon Droppings.

The fact that small businesses were being marginalized so that mega-directories could take over obviously didn’t really make sense, as something like this could really potentially mess with people’s businesses.  So what exactly is happening?  Conrad Saam has an post on the concern of what Pigeon is doing to small businesses, all thanks to Google.  You can find out what you need to know about this issue by following the link provided below.

Search Engine  Land: Pigeon Rolled Back? Law Firm Study Says Yes