pinterestIt seems that Pinterest is wanting some more brand advertisers to buy their ads, and it appears that it does.  Because of this, the company needs to make it easier for them to buy ads they way they’d like to.  Now, it is.

Pinterest is going to begin allowing marketers in the US and the UK buy ads through their auction based on how much they’re willing to pay for every impression.  The ads are going to be eligible to appear in the same places as Pinterest’s other auction-based ads, such as within search results, within category feeds, and in people’s home feeds.

Before, advertisers would buy their ads through the ad auction and would only bid based on how many people click on or engage with their ads.  Even though there isn’t anything wrong with this, as they are fine for direct response advertisers, such as e-commerce companies who buy ads so that users visits their site and buys something.  There are some brand advertisers who don’t care about earned attention, and rather on maximum attention.  Pinterest is giving them this option.

Brands who are bidding based on impressions can tell Pinterest ,who will try getting that ad in front of the largest amount of people possible, given how much a brand is willing to pay for that attention.  The company is going to try getting the ad in front of the most people based on the price the brand advertiser is willing to pay on how specific or broad the audience it’s targeting is.

“By using this new solution, you’ll get more impressions for your campaigns at more efficient rates and drive higher results,” according to a company blog post published by Pinterest on Thursday announcing the new ad-buying option.

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