pinterestPinterest added marketing measurement and data companies to its Marketing Partners (née Marketing Developer Partners) program on Wednesday.

In case you don’t know or forgot what Pinterest’s Marketin Partners program is – this Pinterest program was introduced in April 2015 as a way to open up its automated tools to post content and buy ads on its platform, but only to certain companies on whom Pinterest would effectively bestow its own “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.” Facebook and Twitter operate similar programs.

Since its release a year and a half ago, over half of Pinterest’s ad revenue came from brands buying its ads through these approved Marketing partners.  This information comes from Pinterest’s blog post published on Wednesday.  In order to bring in more money, Pinterest has to give advertisers even more control over how that money is being spent and more insight into what they’re getting in return for it.  So now, this is actually a thing.

With measurement companies like Adjust, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, Kochava and Tune being brought into the Pinterest Marketing Program, Pinterest will allow advertisers use these third-party tools to check ads that were shown to their intended audience and trackw that impact those ads had, such as how much they affected product sales or how much they changed people’s perception of a brand.  Any brand using Moat, and only brand using Moat, will be able to measure whether their ads on Pinterest actually had a chance to be seen.

Pinterest even added companies that help advertisers apply their own data when targeting ads.  These companies — like Epsilon, Experian, Salesforce’s Krux, Acxiom’s LiveRamp, mParticle and Neustar – will be able to take a brand’s data, such as a list of customers’ email addresses, and use it to aim ads at those customers on Pinterest, as well as people who may not be customers but share similar characteristics.

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