Pinterest is continuing to push its e-commerce initiatives by introducing a personalized “shopping hub” last week that displays at the top of the user feed with product recommendations pulled from retailers’ organic Product Pins and Catalog feeds.

Retailers will be able to upload Pins via Catalogs and their products will be distributed across Pinterest’s shopping surfaces which includes this new “shopping hub” feature, along with other recommendation spaces and shopping feeds.

Pinterest has even rolled out an updated shopping section that displays below Product Pins, which highlights Catalog content from the respective brand. “Making it easy to browse into the catalogs of brands of all sizes, like Target, Birdies Slippers, Joybird, The Tie Bar and Parachute,” Pinterest wrote on its business blog.

The company is continuing to build out e-commerce features for its discovery platform to connect users to more branded product recommendations. With this personalized “shopping hub,” retailers will have the opportunity to expand their reach on the platform outside of ad campaigns.

With these customized recommendations, brands show be able to have more exposure and more opportunities to move users through the customer journey.

“We’ve found that people increasingly use Pinterest to search for specific types of products and vignettes, and Pinterest’s growing suite of Shopping tools helps us meet that customer demand, providing those shoppers with relevant options from Parachute,” said Parachute CEO Ariel Kaye.

SourceAmy Gesenhues