pinterestWhen it comes to marketing, we all know that there’s a lot to be done.  There’s plenty to keep a marketer busy, that’s for sure, but sourcing should haven’t to necessarily have to be one of them.  Pinterest understands that looking for top-notch graphical content is definitely time-consuming.  Because of this, the company announced the launch of the Pin Collective.

The focus of the Pin Collective is to help businesses connect with Pinterest’s top content creators, like publishers, production shops and independent creators who knows hot to best rock the Pinterest ecosystem.  Those who would be considered Pinterest power users will work directly with brands to drive real results.

The members of the Pin Collective are going to be hand-picked for end-to-end production from “everything from Pins to videos to larger creative initiatives.”  The businesses that are working with Pinterest are able to source Pinterest’s best in breed, rather than utilizing their in-house creative agencies, who might not always know the lay of the land.

If you’re wondering how well the Pin Collective is doing, it seems that you’re not going to have to worry, as it’s alive and well. PureWow, Refinery29, Brit + Co and Tastemade are Pinterest’s publisher partners. Monent Studio, loop88, McBeard and The Mill are the current production shops that are part of the Pin Collective. And tastemakers Kyla Herbes (home design), Gary Arndt (travel), Amanda Holstein (millennial advice), Peter Lombardi (photography/design) and Sarah Barnes (food) are the service’s independent creators.

It seems that there’s some promise in the results, as there’s a pilot program that is pairing Albertsons with Monica Lavin, which creates pins for their holiday campaign.   The VP of social and digital marketing of Albertsons, Karl Meinhardt, said that it gave them a “more sophisticated approach to creative” and “freed up resources on our end to focus more time on holiday planning and strategy.”


Pin Factory, which is Pinterest’s 2015 launch of its in-house production studio, has helped more than 600 brands advertise on the Pinterest platform, and it seems that this is a solid extension for that.

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