pinterest-logoIt seems everything changes, and hopefully for the better.  Search engines are always striving to serve better search results to the users and keeping them happy about it.  It looks like Pinterest is also trying their best to help users out by finding things they weren’t even aware they were wanting.  Guided Search was rolled out a few months ago on mobile devices by Pinterest, calling it a revolutionary way to browse Pinterest, while consuming the content found.

With 75% of all Pinterest users being mobile, it would make sense that the initial rollout of Guided Search was on mobile.  Today, it was finally announced that English desktop users will be able to use Guided Search within the next few weeks.

Here’s the difference between standard search engine results and Pinterest’s Guided Search…with Guided Search, users are given category suggestions as they explore.  In a Search Engine post by , he gives an example.

So when Pinterest users look for BBQ chicken recipes, they are served a carousel of options –baked, crockpot, grilled, marinade, wings, etc. — that they can click into.

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