pinterest-logo-white-1920If you’re a business owner in the US, and you want to be able to advertise on Pinterest, you won’t have much more time to wait.  Starting in January, Pinterest said that all US advertisers will be able to buy Promoted Pins.

Last January, the company officially launched Promoted Pins to a limited list of partner advertisers.  But earlier this year, access to the native ad unit was opened up to more small and medium businesses.

Pinterest’s genearl manager of monetization, Tim Kendall, told USA Today, “the business is scaling very rapidly.”

Pinterest also announced today, that to service that scale, the company is going to depend on its self-service tools.  Pinterest now has more than one million active business accounts across the globe,

According to a report this week by the Wall Street Journal, Pinterest will only offer hands-on ad support for businesses in the retail and consumer goods categories.  Aside from that, users will be able to purchase ads using the self-serve platform or the ad tech partners that plug into the Pinterest API.

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