Pinterest Will Set Ads In Motion With Cinematic Pins

Pinterest Businesses are always trying to find ways to capture consumer attention.  After all, they want your money, and that makes sense.  They need money to survive long enough to offer you the products and services that you’re looking for.  Pinterest believes that they have found a way to get capture the consumer’s attention.  The idea is pretty simple – it’s with motion.

Pinterest is introducing Cinematic Pins, and they are coming to Pinterest streams this summer.  These special pins are mobile ad products that enables brands to create moving Pinterest advertisements.  One of the cool things about these unique pins is that they will be controlled by Pinterest users, according to the company, so that they won’t be annoying.  Just think the opposite of autoplay video ads.  Those are definitely annoying.

Tim Kendall, Pinterest’s general manager had this to say to Marketing Land about monetization:

What’s really unique about this is that it keeps the user in control.  We believe that autoplay as it exists today is interruptive and annoying. What we believe we have achieved with Cinematic Pins is a way to delight the user, let them stay in control of motion while also allowing the brand to tell their story.

Along side Cinematic Pings, there were other new Pinterest initiatives, which includes the official rollout of the Pinterest CPC based Promoted Pin program, which is now enhanced by cost per action and cost per engagement features.

For more details on the coverage of that news, check out Ginny Marvin’s post here:
Pinterest To Greatly Expand Advertising Solutions This Summer.

Since 80 percent of Pinterest’s audience is on mobile, Cinematic Pins will be available to mobile users, and not desktop.  Once a Cinmeatic Pin comes into view, it’ll start moving.  Here is a produced video by Pinterest of how Cinematic Pins will look:

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