evergreen_forest_stock_1_by_vampsstock-d4z8llhIf you’ve never heard of the term ‘evergreen’ when it comes to SEO, basically it is the content that stands the test of time.  With evergreen content, regardless of how long the content has been around, there is still people searching for it and it still gets plenty of constant traffic.  It gets plenty of social shares over time, and acquires links naturally.  Evergreen content is what you could call the lifeblood of inbound marketing.  It’s the key to being viewed as the expert in your niche.

If you can create content that is both of quality, and is useful to those searching for it, you will be able to build an audience that’ll always come back to read your content.  You’ll be able to expose your brand to other potential customers in different stages of the conversion process.  This gives you multiple opportunities to capture them as a lead and gain even more faithful followers to your brand.

Naturally, there will be some content that will never be evergreen, like trends, seasonal articles, news and the like.  This doesn’t make them any less valuable, but they won’t stay in the public eye as long as the evergreen content would.

 has written a post for Search Engine Land that explains how to create an evergreen content strategy that is based on keyword insights that will help capture searchers at various points in the conversion funnel.  To find out how you can do that, check out the link below that takes you right to Patrick’s post on Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Land: Planting The Seeds For An Evergreen Content Strategy