Podcasting has been becoming more and more popular lately, and because of that, advertisers have begun really noticing this.  In a survey from Nielsen Fanlinks released last quarter shows that the number of self-identified “avid” podcast fans rose from 13 million homes in 2016 to 16 million in 2017.  This is a 23 percent increase over that year.  Earlier this year, an Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) also released their own survey that found that podcast revenues topped $314 million inn 2017.  This is an 86 percent increase when compared to 2016.

Because of the growing number of households tuning in to podcasts on all types of subjects in every imaginable genre, there is ripe opportunity for marketers to engage a captive audience. But in the absence of third-party measurement verification and other challenges for the relatively young sector, some marketers have stayed away.

There are no audience buying standards like GRPs, but in terms of figuring out how to identify which types of podcasts a brand should target, there are third-party sources they can tap into.

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