kids-tablet-marketingRecently, a mobile app was released, and man, it’s simply blown up.  This app, known as Pokémon GO, is an app that allows you to go outside, track and catch these creatures that you can train, evolve, and power up to battle Pokémon Go users.  The massive success of the app is all according to SimilarWeb,

Average daily users have already surpassed Tinder, and may even pass Twitter’s app.  Yup, it’s that big.  I’ll admit, even I’m hooked on it.  For those of you who know what Pokémon is, you’ll know that the game was originally a game released on Nintendo’s handheld systems through the years, and was a hit with the kids when it was released.  This was back in the 90s and 2000s.  Now that you can actually go out and play with these “pocket monsters” in the real world, it seems Pokémon has recaptured the craze all over again.  Because so many people are using Pokémon GO, there is quite a potential for marketers to take advantage of this.

Granted, there’s no ads or sponsorship found within the game itself, but the future is full of possibilities.  So what are some of the current and potential ways marketers could jump on to the the Pokémon GO hype train?

If you’re curious how you could use the Pokémon Go to help market to other’s check out a Search Engine Journal article by Kelsey Jones that explains what the app could do for them!

Search Engine Journal: What the Pokémon GO Means For Marketers