online marketingBefore everybody gets into a huff about the title of this post, I wanted to let you guys know that I’m not writing this to endorse porn itself, but to talk about the online marketing strategy behind one particular porn site called PornHub.  Apparently PornHub is one of the biggest pornographic websites out there currently, but it’s making a big impact in that particular entertainment industry.  So what exactly is the difference between this website and the other countless porn related websites out there?  I’m sure it’s not what sort of videos they have on there, since I’m sure other porn sites have equal quality videos to say the least.  But what makes this site more popular or well known than the others?

As this post is on an SEO blog, I think we can assume that the answer is online marketing.  Who exactly is behind the success of the marketing efforts of the site?  I’m sure somebody knows, but I personally don’t.  In a surprise plot twist, there is a blog post on that tells of how PornHub has gotten to this point in their popularity due to online marketing.  What?  Porn talk on Moz?  That can’t be right!

In a post by , the topic of how PornHub got to a highly talked about adult entertainment site is discussed in his article called How PornHub Is Bringing Its A-Game.  And don’t worry guys, if you’re at work right now, and your boss or a number of co-workers are behind you, worry not.  Javier’s article is totally safe for work to read.  So open to your hearts content and read on.

But what’s got the adult side of the internet talking about this one porn site?  Well, to find out, you can check out on their You Moz section, or to make it quick and easy, just follow the link below.

You Moz: How PornHub Is Bringing Its A-Game