#PPC Worst Practices: 5 “Smart” Strategies That Are Actually Dumb

Ppc blocks We, as digital marketers and SEOs, we are a part of an ever changing industry.  As an example, let’s look at AdWords.  Talk about a drastic change ever since it’s introduction in 2000.  In the fifteen years since AdWords came out, it went from a simple internal service to a self-service portal.  As things change, evolve, and become more sophisticated, we have to be sure we are able to adjust our strategies accordingly to match these changes.

And as things change, there are marketers who have become set in their ways and refuse to budge as the industry moves past them.  It’s these people who become outdated in their techniques and become a joke of online marketing.

There is a list of the top five outdated “best practices,” written by Erin Sagin, that every successful marketer should eliminate from your PPC repertoire in order to not become an outdated joke.

Check out Erin’s list on Search Engine Journal by following the link below.

Search Engine Journal: #PPC Worst Practices: 5 “Smart” Strategies That Are Actually Dumb