Pre-Holiday Email Frequency: Too Much Or Too Little?

email-marketing-pageIf you look at the calendar and start counting down the months until the holiday season starts taking off, we don’t have a whole lot of time left. If you include November in your holiday shopping time frame, we only have a month and a half before the 2014 season really begins gaining traction.

So for a marketer, when the season really does start, and you are wanting to send out promotional emails, you know that there will be a lot more emails sent out than any other time of year.  After all, it’s that perfect time of the year to try getting customers to buy right?

But how many emails is too much?  How many emails is too little?  You don’t want to underwhelm your customers and lose potential conversions, but you don’t want to anger them either with a boat load of emails.

In an article written by  for Marketing Land, they examined the engagement data from last October through December across Internet Retailer’s Hot 100 e-retailers of 2013 to compare email programs.  They looked over how much promotional mail was read, ignored, sent to spam, marked as spam, and rescued from the spam folder.  They also calculated each brand’s average Sender Score, which basically is a measure of sending reputation.

So what was Marketing Land’s conclusion on the data?  Check it out by going to Marketing Land, or follow the link below.

Marketing Land – Pre-Holiday Email Frequency: Too Much Or Too Little?

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