google-adwords-redwhite-1920It appears that Google has decided to start winding down the premium offering of its Ad Grants program for non-profits.  The following message states:

“The Ad Grants team is no longer accepting Grantspro applications,” appeared within the past 24 hours on the Ad Grants support page for the program.


The Grants pro level of Google Grants offered any eligible non-profits a budget of $40,000 per month, or $1,315 a day, on free AdWords search advertising. Normally, the regular version of Google Grants program would offer $10,000 monthly budgets for qualifying non-profits.

During this time period, if  company wanted to to be eligible to get the Grantspro level, first, they had to be at the $10,000 a month level, and had to be hitting a $330-per-day spend cap, or $9,900 in two of the last six months.  All the while, they had to maintain an average CTR of at least 1.0 percent.  The CPC cap for Google grant recipients is $2 per click.

Right now, it seems that the reason why the Grantspro program has stopped taking applications is currently unclear, but this isn’t the first time Google has put a moratorium on Grantspro submissions.  Previously, Google stopped taking applications but re-opened the Grantspro program in 2014 with new eligibility requirements, including the previously mentioned ones listed before.

Hat tip: Kahena Digital Marketing

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