As you know, advertisers that have keywords which are triggered by the same search term compete with one another in what is called the Ad Auction. But you may be surprised to find that before this happens, there is an internal auction, inside of your own Google ads account, where could be essentially competing with yourself! That’s right, different keywords in your own campaign compete with each other in an internal auction, when they match with the same search term. The winning keyword will be the one with the highest ad rank. This leads to a loss of control of the traffic that your campaign brings. An ad group with tailor-made ads for particular terms may lose its traffic to another group. And if it becomes necessary to lower bids on a particular word, the traffic that the keyword was bringing may hop to another keyword in another group.

Which is why in this SEMrush video, they will explain to you how to run a report to identify if and where this is happening and then explain to you what you need to do to fix the problem, which they will do on the ad group level.