A little over a year ago, price extensions were launched in Microsoft Advertising, which allowed advertisers to show products and pricing in text ads in mobile and desktop search results.

You are now able to manage those extensions in Microsoft Advertising Editor. This means that it’s possible to mange them in bulk and more quickly than before.

It’s possible to add headers, descriptions and prices, including currency from the Shared Library in Editor.

In order to associate price extensions with ad groups in your campaigns in Editor, select an ad group and use the “Choose price extension” dialogue box.

Some helpful reminders for price extensions:

  • The prices must be included on the landing page.
  • They are charged the same CPC as a click on an ad headline.
  • They can link to third-party retailers.
  • Do not duplicate the same copy in the header and description of a price extension.

SourceGinny Marvin