content-writingWriting content can be a fairly easy task to complete, but writing quality content makes things a little bit more difficult.  Sure, it’s easy to throw out anything out on to the web and call it content, but to make a site rank higher and better, and be perceived by consumers in a more positive light, you need to put a little bit more thought and work into what you write.

Content marketing, at this point, is still pretty young.  You’d think that it wouldn’t be such a big problem, as most people would assume that you put out some good content onto a website and then do some social media to get it out to the masses.  But there are still a few issues that still have to be addressed.  One of these issues is the production of content.

Over half of those in content marketing say that there isn’t enough time for content, and 45% struggle with producing enough content.  This all comes from the Content Marketing Institute.

Although there are a lot of blogs and sites that give you their recommended best practices on what to do in content marketing, but there isn’t a whole lot of places that show you how to get it done, both effectively and efficiently.

This is where  comes in to the picture.  In a blog post on Marketing Land, Nate has written up some practical, real-life advice on how to produce the high-quality content you need, but faster.  You’ll find some good tips and strategies that will help you create more quality content, leaving not just you happier (as these tactics will make you happier in the long run), but also your readers as well.

Marketing Land: How To Produce More Quality Content, More Quickly — Practical Tips