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Team-collaboration-business-results-performanceWhen you start off with a business, usually a small one, there aren’t a whole lot of people under your employment.  Because of this, it’s easy to communicate with each other.  With such a great sense of communication, things can get done a little easier, and without as many complications.  But as your business begins to expand it’s employee count, it’s easy for communications to get more and more muddled, sense you may have several people focusing on different aspects of various projects within the business.  More than likely, you may not have a product team…at least not yet…due to the size of the business.

In these sorts of situations, you have to be careful when you get close to the end of a product update.  Without a product marketing team in place to keep good, clean tabs on your product’s progress, there may be problems.  It’s possible somebody will try making a video demo on the product, or do a write up on it before the final product is complete.  It would be a waste of time to do create this content, and then find out that the product has changed since the content was created, and somebody just wasted time and effort on the endeavor.

Having a product marketing team in place would be awesome to have, but that’s not always going to happen with some businesses, right?  If you need product marketing, but don’t actually have a product team, I know somebody who can help.  We have Alyce Currier to tell us some useful information on how to handle some of the hurdles of product marketing without have a product team on hand to get the job done.

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YouMoz: Product Marketing Without a Product Team

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