Product Picture-Taking Most Common In-Store Shopping Behavior In EU5

Galaxy s wifi 3 6 product image 1 Everybody loves to take pictures.  With the advent of the phone camera, more and more people are taking pictures while they are out and about doing things.  According to a news report on Marketing Land though, it seems that one of the most popular things to do for the folks in Western Europe is to take pictures of products in stores.

this is due to new data from comScore.  Why would people do this?  Well, the answer is pretty simple.  Why would anybody take pictures of things in stores?  They do it to send those pictures to friends and family for advice on if they should purchase the product or not.  Pretty simple stuff, really.

Like a lot of other people, Europeans will also get into contact with friends, either through phone calls or texts, about products as well.

 has written a full news report about this on the Marketing Land website.  Check it out by following the link below to get the full taste of what’s going on in Europe: