google-adwords-redwhite-1920There have been two short-term headers for structured snippet extensions that has been added by Google that is designed to help merchants promote Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers in their AdWords ads.

The Structured snippet extension headers for Black Friday are eligible to appear in ads from  November 20 through November 27, which is Black Friday.  Cyber Monday headers will be able to appear November 20 through November 30.  As you’ve noticed, there is an overlap of the dates for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday headers, and during that overlap, Black Friday headers are going to trump those set up Cyber Monday.

Some examples of how these headers and snippets might look, from Google:

  • Black Friday: Stores open at 6 a.m.
  • Black Friday: 25% off electronics
  • Cyber Monday: 10% off sitewide
  • Cyber Monday: Free shipping on $50+ orders

Unlike most structured snippets, which typically multiple values, advertisers will have to enter only one offer in the snippet.


This will be the second push this week by Google in order to promote merchant offers during the holiday surge.  Google launched a new test on Tuesday that allows consumers to subscribe to text alerts for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or holiday deals when searching for related items.

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