Google-Analytics-1It’s already happening.  Over the last few years, we’ve been facing the looming and expanding threat of (not provided).  Soon, perhaps very soon, we will see (not provided) reach 100% totality.  In the minds of many, that can be pretty bad, but not without good reason.  Keywords were the cornerstone of SEO, and without them, what would we do?

One answer would be to deal with it.  There have been plenty of blogs and articles stating that even with 100% (not provided), there are plenty of other things you can do to deal with the lack of keywords in your analytics reports.  What matters now is focusing on what actually matters.   What would that be, you ask?  We should be focusing on how to use organic search to bring in revenue and profit to your business.

For a Moz blog post,  thought it would be a great idea to give ten ways you can use Google tools to show your clients the value of SEO and your SEO efforts, even when (not provided) reaches 100%, and keywords disappear.  Some of the items in Jeff’s list may be obvious to some, but there may be some items in there that may hit you that may cause you to say, “I didn’t think of that!”

You can check out his list (and his entire blog post for that matter) by following the link below!

Moz Blog – (Provided): 10 Ways to Prove SEO Value in Google Analytics