Publishers Have Begun Prepping For Facebook’s Instant Articles Launch

Instant articles facebook With Instant Articles coming soon, publishers have started ramping up their content and publishing that will go directly to Facebook.  The hope is that Instant Articles will give stories the added exposure and awareness of content across the social network that publishers want.

The Wall Street Journal says that publishers, like the New York Times and NBC News are planning on publishing upwards of 30 articles a day directly to Facebook’s newsfeed.  There has been confirmation from other publishers, The Atlantic and BuzzFeed, that they’ll be making most of their content available through the program.

Bob Cohn, President and CEO of the Atlantic had this to say:

“We’re excited for the next phase. At the outset we’ll be putting most of our content into the feed and will closely monitor the effect”

Mr. Cohn also said that they’ll be ready to change how much content becomes available, presumably based off the effectiveness and the bottom line.

Although Facebook will be directly hosting Instant Articles, advertisers can sell ads on their content, while keeping the revenue.  If a publisher sells their own ad space on an article, they will be able to keep all of the revenue that comes in.  This is great for the publishers, espcially when compared to 70% of the revenue that would go to Facebook if they sold the space instead.  The program is expected to launch soon, although details haven’t been released yet.

To find out more about Instant Articles, see Marketing Land’s initial breakdon, or the full story on WSJ.

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