Twitter is now making it possible for publishers to monetize videos viewed by all followers, and no just in their home countries.  Before, publishers were only able to have in-stream ads inserted in videos that displayed to in their home-countries.   But with Twitter’s latest update, it’s possible to monetize a publisher’s organic video content globally.

Not only will this change help increase the opportunity to generate publisher revenue from video content outside of their home countries, Twitter will also benefit with the expansion of the platform’s video inventory for advertisers.  There will be exponential growth for Twitter’s in-stream video ad opportunities now that publishers can now monetize videos across global markets.

Here’s more on Twitter’s latest video monetization opportunities:

  • Twitter reports that many of the publishers on its platform see up to 60 percent of their audience coming from global markets.
  • Publishers will have control over which markets they want to monetize within their account and monetization setting (which defaults to their home market only).
  • As of June, all advertisers can purchase in-stream video ads for the following twelve global markets via Twitter’s self-serve ad platform: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States

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