PubMatic, an enterprise identity management solution, has released Identity Hub as part of its Prebid User ID module. The company gives publishers the ability to manage multiple IDs for each ad impression, ensuring advertisers can recognize and bid on their intended audiences.

Identity Hub directly integrates with existing partners of PubMatics Prebid User ID module, including IAB DigiTrust, The Trade Desk Unified ID, ID5, LiveIntent and five other major ID solutions. The integration offers built-in analytics capabilities to measure the incremental value of each partner ID platform.

Because third-party cookies are disappearing due to privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, publishers have to find a way to connect advertisers with their targeted audiences.

“By extending open-source code from Prebid, PubMatic’s Identity Hub addresses this challenge by simplifying the use of multiple IDs in an intuitive, easy-to-manage solution,” said PubMatic Director of Product Management Ankur Srivastava.

With Identity Hub, PubMantic hopes to increase publisher monetization capabilities by giving advertisers ways to recognize and bid on their desired audiences when implementing programmatic ad campaigns.

SourceAmy Gesenhues