Back in September, it was announced by PullString the availability of its conversational computing platform for chatbots, talking dolls, and other uses.

The San Francisco-based company said this week that their platform is available to developers of skills (applications, basically) for Amazon’s intelligent voice, Alexa.  The ability to create and publish Alexa voice-based skills points toward new ways that brands are able to interact via conversation.

The PullString platform was used to build the Alexa skill to accompany Amazon’s TV series, “The Grand Tour.” Previously, it was employed to create interactive conversations for the companion app to “Hello Barbie,” as well as for a Facebook Messenger-based Lt. Reyes chatbot to promote the videogame “Call of Duty.”

Another thing that is included in the PullString integrated development environment are a conversation authoring and debugging environment, an AI engine, text message and bot conversation support, and direct publishing to Alexa.