Quality Content Factors: A List That’s Actually Helpful

Quality content Quality content.  How many times do we hear about this term?  Plenty of times, as it’s been making its way around the internet in the SEO and marketing world.  We are in a world of trying to find that illusive “quality content” that everybody is on about so that we we can improve the quality of our websites for better rankings.

But what does quality content actually look like?

Two of the major search engines, Google and Bing, have released a notoriously unhelpful list of questions. and guidelines for quality content, respectively.  Although neither of them are perfect, they’re better than nothing.

We would all love to see a concrete list of characteristics that makes up great content.  It looks like we’re in luck, as  has constructed a list of 20 of these characteristics that make up what makes great content great.  Because Google and Bing’s fairly flaccid attempt at guidelines and information, we could always use the extra information, right?

Well, in order to check out Nate’s list of good content characteristics, just follow the link below and you’ll be taken to the Search Engine Land post!  Check it out!

Search Engine Land: Quality Content Factors: A List That’s Actually Helpful