google-analytics-logoWhen you own a domain or a number of subdomains, you want to make sure you are able to track all of your analytics so you know what’s happening with your site from visitor point of view, as well as with marketing and advertising.  So what do you do?  Naturally, you use an analytics program to solve this problem.  One of the most common solutions to this situation is to use Google Analytics.  After all, some would say Google Analytics is the best way to track your numbers coming from Google’s search engine.

So what if you have a number of of domains and subdomains that you are responsible for?  The problem with this scenario is that Google Analytics doesn’t really handle being deployed across multiple domains and subdomains very well.  I’m sure a number of you would probably agree with this.  But, luckily, there are ways around this issue.  You knew it would have been a matter of time before somebody came up with solutions to things like this, right?

, an analyst at Distilled, wrote out a guide for those who haven’t figured out a way to handle multiple domains and subdomains in Google Analytics, and it can be found on  Another bonus to this guide is that it is short, sweet, and not full of fat.  Basically, that’s another way of saying that it’s quick and easy to look through without wading through pointless crap.  Check it out!

Moz Blog: Quick & Easy Guide to Tracking Across Multiple Domains & Subdomains in Google Analytics