In an announced made January 8, Quora advertisers are now able to retarget users that have visited specific question pages

Quora Product Manager Elynn Lee said that user questions can “provide a valuable signal on intent.”

“For example, if a Quora user is reading questions about how to buy the best marketing automation software, it’s highly likely they are in the market to buy marketing automation software,” Lee said.

To get started, you will need to select “Question Target” as your targeting type in the Quora Ads Manager.  After that, choose “Show ads to users who previously read about a question” as the targeting subtype.

The Question Date Range option allows you to specify the time frame in which users visited specified question pages, such as in the last 30 days, depending on what makes sense for your campaign. Then add the questions you want to target. You can also target users who’ve visited specific Quora Sessions by adding the URLs.

Question Targeting is a new option available in Quora Ads Manager. Image: Quora

The ads are eligible to run across Quora.

Enhancements have been steadily rolling out to its ad platform since its 2017 launch, positioning itself to compete against larger ad platforms that have more functionality.

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