Quora, a question and answer platform, says that it now has an audience of 300 million unique users.  This is up from the 200 million reported last year.  The company even announced the launch of Broad Targeting.  With this new option, ads run across the platform and adapts its targeting as the system learns which audience engages with the ads.

Although Quora isn’t really much of a rival to the likes of Google or Facebook with audiences who number in the billions, if you want to compare the 300 million Quora users, Twitter reportedly has 335 monthly active users (MAU) in Q2.  For Reddit, they are claiming 330 million MAU, and Pinterest said this month it has 250 million MAU.

The Quora Broad Targeting relies on machine learning to optimize ad delivery to reach users most likely to take the desired action.

More on Broad Targeting

  • Broad Targeting is now an option at the ad set level in the Quora Ads interface.
  • The option puts Quora’s algorithms in control of identifying which audiences to target rather than relying on contextual or audience signals set by advertisers.
  • For those tracking conversions with Quora’s Pixel, the company recommends using Broad Targeting with Conversion Optimized Campaigns introduced in August, to improve its ability to target ads to audiences deemed likely to convert. 

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