Announced on Tuesday, Q&A platform, Quora, is expanding its advertising offerings with the launch of image ads.  The new format is now available on mobile and desktop.

Quora launched its self-serve ad platform out of beta about a year ago with text ads.  According to the company, the amount of active advertisers has increased from 300 at launch to over 1,000.

In order to run images on the Quora platform, advertisers will need to upload a company logo (30 x 30 pixels) and an image (1,200 x 628 recommended, 600 x 314 minimum) that displays next to the headline and description of the ad.

Quora’s native image ads are now live across devices.

Quora limits the amount of text that can be included in an image.  The limit for text in images in Quora ads is 20 percent.  The aspect ratio of an image is similar to Facebook, so you should be able to utilize assets you already have.  On desktop, the aspect ratio of the image in the ad is 1:91:1. On mobile, it’s 1:1, as shown above.

Quora’s image ads appear in-stream on desktop and mobile.

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