This week, Quora has released some updates to its ads platform.  In an announcement by the question-and-the-answer social platform on Wednesday, there mentioned the release of multi-event conversion tracking, view-through attribution and an update to its reporting interface.

Let’s check out the new features.

For multi-event conversion tracking, by using Quora’s tracking pixel, advertisers are able to track and optimize against more than one conversion event, such as Add to Cart, Purchase, and Add Payment Info as an example.  With this flexibility, marketers will be able to optimize their campaigns based on where customers are in the purchasing funnel.

With any existing pixel implementations, they will be tracked under the “generic” event tag.  In order to make use of the multi-event conversion tracking, advertisers will have to add the relevent conversion even tags to their base pixel code from the “Quora Pixel” tab in the ads Manager and then update the code on their sites.

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