Google, in a rare move, confirmed that a publisher by the name of Natural Links was penalized and deindexed by the major search engine over a webmaster guidelines violation.  It was stated by Google’s John Mueller that the site was using sneaky mobile redirect, and once that is “cleaned up, the site can submit a reconsideration request through Search Console.”

It appears that these tactics have been cleaned up and a reconsideration request was submitted through Search Console, because the site is now back in the Google Index.  A site command returns the home page and 440,000 other pages from the site.

It’s not very often that Google confirms wen a site is penalized to the press or public.  In this case though, Natural News claimed that it was removed because it was pro-Trump.  The started a White House petition against Google.  Even after being restored to the Google index, the site is still encouraging people to sign the petition.


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