Are You Ready For The Day When Your Rankings Disappear?

Forth road bridge in the fog 665090693 1122148 So, here’s a thought for you to ponder.  You’ve worked countless hours to build up a client brand on all the major search engines, and you’ve finally succeeded in getting them up to not only Page 1, but to the top three.  You’re proud of yourself.  Your clients are thrilled with the results.

But you wake up the next morning and find that all that work has been destroyed.  The high ranking that you earned for your client has suddenly disappeared.  the client’s site has suddenly gone from the top three to the bottom of the page, or even worse, to page 2 or lower.

Unfortunately, this result could be for any reason.  Sure, it could be a penalty.  But even if that isn’t the case, there are other reasons that could have affected the site’s position in the search engines.  It could be a competitor booting you from your rankings throne.  It could be an algorithm update that causes a major redirect of your audience.

Do you have a plan for the day this happens?  Hopefully you do.  If not, there is hope.  Pratik Dholakiya is here to help.  Pratik has written a Moz column for us to follow in case the unthinkable happens.  There are two things that he discusses in his post, the first being what he believes it will take to maintain your rankings.  Secondly, he talks about designing a strategy that will remain successful, even if you end up losing your rankings.

Check out Patrik’s column on Moz by checking out the link below.

Column: A Wake Up Call: Are You Prepared For The Day Your Rankings Vanish?