Google-Shopping-LogoAt this point, Google Shopping Campaigns are currently in beta at the moment.  But there’s a chance that it could likely become the main campaign structure for Google.  If that’s the case, then this will change the way you create Google product ads.

Are you worried about having issues with the new Google Shopping campaigns?  Don’t worry about it.  First off, like with everything else, we’ll get used to the new structure if and when it happens.  And it doesn’t hurt that we have  to help back us up.

He will help us avoid getting burned by these new campaigns.  In his Search Engine Land column, “Are You Read For The New Google Shopping Campaigns?” he tells us how to side step potential disaster when it comes to Google Shopping.

Below is the link to Rick’s column.  Click it and read on to get the scoop on what you can do to avoid Google Shopping problems.

Column: Are You Ready For The New Google Shopping Campaigns?