google-adwords-square-logoIt seems to be going around like a sickness.  There seems to be news spreading that Google AdWords isn’t working for small businesses.  This has come from The New York Times, no less.  Unfortunately, the writers who are writing these arguments against AdWords have not only multiple slanderments against AdWords, but they’ve totally missed the point of AdWords.

We all know that business life is never easy, but there must be a reason why the people over at the NY Times are saying what they’re saying.  Why such a negative view of AdWords for small businesses?   has taken the time to look into the matter by writing a Search Engine blog post about the matter.  What perspective are the NY Times writers coming from?  What are the misunderstandings that blocks their views from getting their information correct?

In Larry’s Search Engine Article, he walks us through several mistakes that small businesses are making that are causing these accusations by the New Your Times to be thrown around in the first place.  What mistakes are being made that would warrant a newspaper like NY Times to write about it?  Check out Larry’s article and find out!  Just follow the link below!

Search Engine Land: The Real Reason AdWords Isn’t Working For Many Small Businesses