The Real Reason No One Wants To Link To You

Links 0 When you work hard to get your website up, an article written for your blog, or a set of new products up on your online shop, naturally, you want people to link to your site or page.  After all, you have something awesome to share with others, right?  But after a few days, which turn to a few weeks, you begin to realize that people just don’t seem to care and the links are doing everything but pouring in for you.  So what gives?  There are a lot of people who honestly believe that when they have something cool to offer, others will naturally know that it’s cool, and will begin linking to them with reckless abandon.  The people who think that they will be getting links in droves hate it when they learn that people just aren’t linking to them, but the reasons WHY people aren’t linking to them is because of what’s on their site.

Would you want to link to a low or poor quality site?  Probably not.  Maybe the content is bad.  Perhaps there is something else wrong with the site that is turning visitors off, such as broken images, a non-functioning video or an error code that appeared on the page.  As an SEO, it sucks when  you have to tell the client that nobody is linking to them, and then having to give then the run down as to what is causing people to not link to them.

So why isn’t anybody linking?  There are number of reasons, aside from the examples listed above.   has given us plenty of reasons people tend to get turned off from linking to a site, and she’s written them down for us all to check out in her posts on Search Engine Land, entitled The Real Reason No One Wants To Link To You.  Hopefully after reading through her post, you’ll have a better understanding why people just don’t post to a website, and if you suffer from the “no link disorder”, you’ll be able to fix what wasn’t working.  And from an SEO stand point, you can let your client know exactly what is wrong with their site and maybe you and they could work together to fix the problem.

Search Engine Land: The Real Reason No One Wants To Link To You