realtimeWe’ve heard of the term “real time” and in many cases, we think of all today’s technology and how it can give is all real time information.  After all, technology can give us up to the minute news and weather and all of that, right?  Real time data isn’t always truly real time though.  In online marketing, that isn’t really the case.  We hear a lot about real time marketing and real time bidding, but unfortunately, neither of these are really true at all.  They aren’t really real time.

In an article written by  for Marketing Land, we will read all about why real time does not actually mean real time.  We can say that the media in which we use is real time, the data itself isn’t.  From this very statement, the idea of real time just….falls apart.

Why is this the case?  By following the link below, Dax will be able to explain it and tell us why real time just isn’t real time.

Marketing Land: “Real Time” in Display Advertising Doesn’t Really Mean Real Time