real timeWhen thinking of Real Time Marketing (RTM), what brands do you typically think of?  Maybe Oreo or Starbucks?  How about American Express and Dell?

In a study by GolinHarris, it seems that real-time is on the rise, and for good reasons.  The advantage of utilizing real-time can help raise all  desirable marketing metrics.  You can’t complain about that.  It seems that real-time is pretty good.

Over 80% of marketers are either increasing their use of real-time, or plan on using, real-time data for their marketing campaigns.

, a research analyst, has been looking into real-time marketing, and has found five case scenarios that utilize real-time marketing.  To discover these five scenarios and learn about how they use real-time marketing to their advantage, you can check out the full article written by Rebecca by following the link below: