Moz-logoWe all love Pandas.  They’re cute, adorable, and they’re vegetarians!  But when Panda sold it’s soul to Google, that’s when things began getting complicated.    Aside from snacking on bamboo, Panda is now trolling the length and breadth of the internet and has been looking for high-quality content on everyone’s websites.

So now, the issue arises, how do appease the now great Panda god of Google?  You have to know what exactly looking for, and what it deems to be high quality.  It’s easy to say that right now, but like usual, there’s a lot more detail that you have to know when it comes to making sure you get the most out of Panda.

In this week’s episode of Moz’s Whiteboard Friday, Michael Cottam explains what exactly Panda wants in a great site, and what we can do be make sure things run smoothly for us.

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