penalty-flagAre you a site owner who has been hit with a sudden drop in organic traffic?  I think we all would understandable assume that the first thing you’d think was that you were hit with an algorithm update or an penalty.  It’s pretty easy to automatically assume that it’s the fault of the search engine.  But is that really always the case?  Was it really an update or a penalty that caused your organic traffic or ranking to go downhill?

It can be hard for a client to understand the nature of SEO, it can be pretty easy to just blame an algorithmic update or past penalties.  So how do you know what the real problem is?  Fortunately, we got somebody to help us out with that.  , a writer/contributor at Search Engine Land has written an article that discusses how to tell if you’ve been hit with a penalty, and other common reasons why a site may be experiencing major organic traffic drops.

What could possibly be causing your organic traffic drops if it isn’t a penalty or an update?  Check out Janet’s post below in the following link!

Search Engine Land: Were You Really Hit By A Search Engine Penalty, Or Is It Something Else?