Is it really time for the holidays again?  It seems like we just got through that time of year already!  It’s only 10 months until the holidays are upon us again.  In 9 months, the the craziness that comes with filling the bottom of the tree with gifts and colored boxes will begin.

Back in November,  published an article on last-minute SEO for the holidays. As a quick refresher, here’s what I advised might impact a site’s rankings with just weeks to make a difference:

  • Making sure your Google My Business is present and accurate
  • Optimizing your titles and descriptions for click-throughs
  • Optimizing for long-tail keywords
  • Hijacking rankings — that is, buying advertising on sites like Yelp that might already be ranking and where buying ad space is cheaper than AdWords
  • Double-checking the content optimization on pages that are ranking decently but just outside the higher click zones, where a single position gain can have a great impact

In the article, Dave went on to say that these were Band-Aids to get people through the holidays.  After this, he told us how we had to get to work on the next year (2017).  But, have you begun with that work?

In his more current article, Dve will tell us why now is the best time for SEOs to start preparing for the 2017 holiday season.