On Wednesday, Reddit announced that its cost per click (CPC) ads now include an App Install campaign objective.  Seven new attribution reporting providers has also been added to its list of available third-party integrations, along with updated tracking capabilities for its Conversion Pixel.

Since introducing CPC ads less than a month ago, the ad product will now include App Install campaign objectives for mobile-first advertisers, which will help drive more App Store visits.

Reddit says that, when an advertiser chooses App Install as the objective for CPC ads, Reddit will target the ads at its iOS and Android mobile app users via native mobile ads, and direct ad clicks to the app store URL. Advertisers can bid on a per-click basis, only paying for the ads that convert to an app store visit.

Regarding the seven attribution tracking platforms added to its list of available third-party integrations, here are the options that advertisers now have to use:

  • Adjust
  • Tune
  • Appsflyer
  • Kochava
  • Tenjin
  • Singular
  • Branch

“Now, advertisers can track and monitor impressions and click data directly in their attribution provider’s dashboard,” said Reddit in the announcement.

Reddit’s Conversion Pixel now tracks eight different conversion events:

  • Page Visit
  • View Content
  • Search
  • Add to Cart
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • Signup

Previously, the Pixel only tracked one conversion event and combined view-through and click-through conversions as a single metric.

Reddit is also coming out with view-through and click-through conversions into two separate metrics, and adding a one-day, seven-day or 28-day filter for attribution measurement. The reporting interface now has a new tab that shows conversion data.

Reddit is moving ahead with its ad platform initiatives, which gives advertisers who may have been apprehensive about the site more options to consider. The new App Install ads highlights the company’s focus on performance-driven advertising.

“We now offer five different campaign objectives — reach, video view, traffic, conversions and App Install––associated with a complete suite of bid types, including CPM, CPV and CPC,” wrote Reddit on its Upvoted blog, adding that it plans to continue to build out its performance ad offerings, with more advanced optimization and targeting capabilities planned for this year.

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