Reddit’s deepfake policy

Recently, Reddit joined the growing collective of platforms pushing back on deepfakes and other forms of manipulated media. The company updated its community guidelines to ban the use of deceptive impersonation within its app, including the use of deepfake content. According to the update, “Do not impersonate an individual or entity in a misleading or deceptive manner.” The policy explains that Reddit doesn’t allow content whose aim it is to impersonate users or entities in a deceptive or misleading way. “While we permit satire and parody,” the policy states, “we will always take into account the context of any particular content.” 

More options in Boomerang

Instagram added three new creative options to its Boomerang camera mode, including ‘SloMo’, ‘Echo’ and ‘Duo’ variants. These can be accessed through Instagram Stories creation mode in the Boomerang ab, which lets users have more ways to create engaging experiences in Stories. User’s Boomerang loops can be trimmed and tweaked to better control the final clip.

SourceTaylor Peterson