A new ad unit is being launched by Reddit and will be familiar to those who have seen Twitter’s takeover ad in the ‘trending’ section.

This ad unit, called Trending Takeover, offers brands the ability to be prominently displayed in Reddit’s ‘Popular’ feed.

Reddit says its Search tab and Popular feed are the two most commonly visited sections:

“Reddit is home to more than 430 million monthly active users engaging deeply within 100,000+ interest-based communities — one-third of whom visit Reddit’s Popular feed every day.”

Similar to Twitter’s takeover ads, a Trending Takeover has a max campaign life of 24 hours. Included in these placements are the second slot of the Trending Today module on Reddit’s Popular feed, including the second slot of the Trending Today drop-down in Reddit’s Search tab.

If you click on a Trending Takeover add, you will be taken to a landing page that features conversations, posts, and communities that are related to handpicked advertiser keywords.

Over 15 Reddit partners took part in the Trending Takeover beta-test, resulting in a click through rate two-times greater than the industry standard for social platforms.

Brands were even able to drive video views with a video completion rate four times greater than Reddit Promoted Posts.

According to Reddit, this is its ‘first’ trending ad product. This could mean that there might be more on the way.

Shariq Rizvi, Reddit’s Vice President of Ads Product and Engineering, states in an announcement:

“For Reddit, a large focus for 2020 is about maximizing new and premium opportunities for brands to authentically engage with Reddit users.”

SourceMatt Southern