reddit-logoIf you’re a Reddit user, than this news is just for you!

It was announced earlier this week by Reddit CEO Steve Huffman that could cause some dropping jaws, as well as the rejoicing of advertisers.  Reddit will support not just subreddit ad targeting, but they will be broadening out to interest targeting, which is, according to Huffman, is targeting “audiences based on a handful of predefined interests (e.g., sports, gaming, music and more) which will be informed by which communities they frequent.”  Ultimately, the benefit of this is a better experience, both for the user and the advertiser.

Reddit, interestingly enough is catering to a pretty large demographic of ad-haters, so Huffman is allowing users to opt out of this new ad product.  This is quite a wonderful thing that the company could be doing, especially when compared to all the other online brands who force ads upon their users, regardless of how well placed the ads are.  The alternative would be ads that aren’t as interesting, and perhaps that’s not a more ideal medium.

Either way, reception in the comments of the Reddit announcement appear to be fairly positive, with the typical “it’s an improvement” reactions, to worries about tracking, which is someting that could be unavoiodable after a few more years.  Let’s see how Reddit increases revenue from the usage of the product after it’s introduced.

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