It’s been a year since Reddit launched native video, and since thing, Reddit is reporting it is seeing more than a billion video views per month on average. The platform says it has experienced a 38 percent growth in native videos since the start of the year, with advertisers seeing higher conversion rates and more engagement with video ads.

Over the last year, Reddit has been making some big changes, including a major overhaul of its website and the launch of native video ads optimized for the redesign.  With the site pulling over a billion video views a month, Reddit hopes to get on marketer’s radar as a platform that offers competitive reach and results.

“Reddit’s beta video advertisers are seeing significant increases in key metrics such as brand favorability and purchase intent when compared with non-video ads. In fact, a recent study by Milward Brown indicates that Reddit Video is performing considerably better than industry averages for digital video advertising,” said Reddit’s senior communications manager, Christine Cassis.

According to Cassis, advertisers see 2.3 times more conversions with video ads compared to static ads, with some campaigns earning 3.5 times higher engagement rates. According to Reddit, its video ad view rates are now comparable to Facebook video views.

Here’s some more information on Reddit video:

  • Reddit claims it serves more than 400,000 hours of natively hosted video daily, and 13 million hours of video watched monthly on the platform.
  • Mobile video views on Reddit have doubled since August, with 70 percent of views occuring on Reddit’s mobile apps.
  • Reddit creators are posting 50 percent more video posts since the redesign, with a million videos posted by creators in August alone — representing a 31 percent increase year over year — according to the company.

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