cancelWe’re all familiar with the saying that “less is more”, right?  Sometimes, simplicity is the core element that turns something from being good to great.  You don’t always need to cram everything in to something make it wonderful.

In websites, that is certainly the case.  Sure, there are sites that can benefit from a lot of content or stuff on a page, but not always.  In many cases, there is one big way of improving not only  user experience, but also your landing page conversions…removing page elements that aren’t necessary.  By doing this, you can be just as effective at increasing your conversions as adding elements to your page.

Nobody is immune to the mistake of adding way too much information on their landing pages.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a small company, a big company, or how much experience you have in the field.  In order to combat the potential issue of having “too much” on your landing pages,  will be your guide in effectively removing unnecessary page content.  She has written a post on Search Engine Land that includes some simple suggestions that can have a significant impact on how well your pages will convert.

To check out Mona’s post, just follow the link below.

Search Engine Land: Remove Page Elements For Higher Converting Pages