AmazonRecently, a consumer survey was conducted on behalf of BloomReach, a retail personalization platform, and it was found that Amazon has increased its lead as the product search engine  for US consumers.  It was reported last year that 44 percent of their search for products was on Amazon.  This year, it’s 55.

The “State of Amazon” study polled 2,000 US consumers in September. A survey released earlier this year by PowerReviews (n=1,000 consumers) found a narrower lead for Amazon (38 percent vs Google (35 percent) as the starting point for products.

When it comes to where people start looking for products, Amazon is utilized twice as much as those who use traditional search engines for product search.  For mobile devices, search engines actually do a little better – 34 percent vs Amazon’s 50 percent.



Regardless of the starting point, Amazon ends up being used by vastly more people during the online shopping process: “9 in 10 say they check Amazon even if they found a product they want on a retailer’s site.”

When it comes to user experience, Amazon was cited as superior to most retailers and as a major loyalty driver.  According to the survey respondents, 53 percent of them said that Amazon offered the best site experience overall.  Not only that, 58 percent of consumers said that they ended up abandoned a retailer site for Amazon after a poor site experience.


As you can see in the above chart, the left chart reflects usage patterns among consumers with a product in mind, as well those uncertain about what to buy (on the right chart).  Amazon is more widely used by those who know what they want, but still heavily used by those who do not.

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