14826-apple-logo-1366x768-computer-wallpaper (1)It’s been just a few weeks since Apple has debuted search ads in the App Store.  And with the time that it’s been up and running, mobile analytics firm AppsFlyer has released some early results.  According to comScore, for Apple, the App Store is the biggest way that apps are discovered by consumers, and developers have jumped at the opportunity to improve visibility for their apps there.

During the initial weeks of the App Store search ads, spend roughly doubled as developers have seen retention rates outperform other acquistion sources.


Apple search ads has ranked number five among media sources used by apps for driving the highest number of installs.

Running from October 5 to 25, the study analyzed over 50 apps running Apple search ads throughout the study period.  The ads generated over 100,000 installs driven by some 40,000 keywords. Only 28 percent of the keywords from that list were exact match brands.


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